Doerken has been developing microlayer corrosion protection systems for over 25 years. And as such high-performance corrosion protection has to withstand enormous stresses and complex specifications despite each layer being extremely thin, this is just as complicated as it sounds - particularly in development and production. As we develop every new product, we therefore ask ourselves: Is it efficient? Is it environmentally compatible? Quite simply: Is it better?

So that our products can be used free of concern, we have, for example, always consistently avoided the use in their production of any heavy metals, such as chromium, cadmium or lead.

Years of experience and the spirit of innovation unite in our operation, and we are continually working on new solutions designed above all to make onward processing simpler, cheaper and quicker for our customers.

Under the brand name DELTA-MKS®, Dörken MKS Systems produces and configures extremely effective surface protection for the automotive, electrical, construction and aviation industries.