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Adhesion test according to ISO 10683

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Adhesion test according to ISO 10683

An adhesive tape with a defined adhesive strength (7±1 N/25mm) is secured firmly to a coated surface and pulled off rapidly.

Where there is good adhesion to the underlying material (ie. substrate), hardly any residues of the coating material are observed on the adhesive tape.  In the case of poor adhesion, the coating is removed by the adhesive tape to an extent the substrate metal may be visible. Note:  Small quantities of the coating material adhering to the adhesive tape are permissible.

Visible base metal and the presence of significant coating material on the adhesive tape are the result of a lack of coating adhesion.

If there is coating visible on both the surface of the underlying substrate metal and on the adhesive tape upon removal, this likely results from a lack of cohesion within the applied coating layer.