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Indonesian automotive market on the rise




Jakarta, Indonesia


Indonesian automotive market on the rise


This year saw INAPA celebrate its tenth anniversary with an invitation to Jakarta, Indonesia from the 22nd to the 24th of March 2018. The fair is gaining in popularity every year and with over 1,100 exhibitors from 25 countries and 35,000 trade visitors, it is the largest international trade fair for the automotive industry in the ASEAN sector.

With 260 million people, Indonesia is not only the third largest country in Asia, but also one of the most promising growth markets. No wonder then that it has come under the spotlight of the international automotive industry. This year the focus at INAPA was on the automotive supplier and rail industry and of course, Dörken MKS-Systems with their corrosion coatings already selling well in Asia had to be there.

One of the major features of INAPA 2018 was the dominance and strong positioning of Chinese and Korean companies, with 30% of the exhibitors coming from China alone. As a result, the Dörken-MKS team used the fair to further expand its network and make new contacts. During the well-attended fair, the team had some interesting discussions with potential customers and with the large Indonesian partner NIHONPARKER, who was also represented at the fair. For Onnen von Bredow, Head of Asia Pacific, two user groups in particular emerged: “In the short to medium term we will certainly be able to establish good relationships with OEMs and coaters from Singapore and strengthen those with our existing partners.”

Attendance at the fair in 2019 is already being planned. Onnen von Bredow sums up: “We are still in a developing market here and if we want to achieve long-term success and sales, we need to stay on the ball because the competition is not sleeping.”