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Out now: brand new lubrication!






Out now: brand new lubrication!


Optimum screw connections thanks to new lubrication

Thread-rolling screws are fasteners used in a multitude of areas that lower assembly costs and simultaneously guarantee secure, high-quality threaded connections. Now there is a coating system, inclusive of a new lubricant from Dörken MKS, that not only reliably protects the screws but also enables a smooth fastening.

Thread-rolling screws are used in many different areas of application: in vehicles in transmission and steering box units, in engines and safety applications, and elsewhere in aluminium heat sinks, washing machines and other appliances. Their characteristic feature is their ability to alter the material in their counterpart to create a matching thread. The screw is fastened in this process into a drilled, punched or laser-cut hole. As thread-rolling screws are made in differing shapes, materials and finishes and are sometimes screwed into components of another material, contact corrosion is a particular threat.

A construction screw with Dörken MKS lubricant heats up to only 80°C due to the low clamping pressure and low thread forming torque.

In order to prevent the screw from corroding, it is now possible to use a coating system from Dörken MKS that consists of a zinc flake basecoat and the DELTA-LUBE® 50 lubricant. The basecoat determines the corrosion characteristics and ensures cathodic corrosion protection. That means that in the event of damage to the coating, the less noble zinc in the basecoat sacrifices itself on contact with water and oxygen in favor of the more noble steel base material. The colorless lubricant on the other hand brings with it the properties of the otherwise used topcoat: it further increases the corrosion protection and influences both the coefficients of friction and thread forming torque. Test results show that the coating system fulfils high corrosion protection requirements: tapped into aluminium more than 3,000 hours without any red rust, tapped into steel more than 1,000 hours (salt spray test according to ASTM B117). At the same time the coating system also achieves low levels of thread forming torque, thus enabling thread-rolling screws to be reliably used. If the screw needs to be coated in color, it is necessary to apply a topcoat before the lubricant.

The surface protection from Dörken MKS, consisting of a zinc flake basecoat and the DELTA-LUBE® 50 lubricant, not only reliably protects thread-rolling screws, but it is also globally available and fulfils high quality standards.

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