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Fully automatic coating of fasteners




Bergkamen, Germany


Fully automatic coating of fasteners


Bulten GmbH, a supplier of fasteners, is using a coating line that enables the fully automated coating of fasteners with Dörken MKS corrosion protection.

The coating of fasteners or bulk parts in general is of great importance: To produce an even and highly effective corrosion protection layer, many processes must be coordinated. Starting with the pre-treatment, to the actual coating through to the drying process. A new video by Dörken MKS in cooperation with Bulten GmbH shows how a coating material is applied to a fastener so that it gets a defined coefficient of friction. The coating line is of compact design and is suitable for the fully automatic coating of such bulk parts.

Watch the whole video:

Bulten GmbH was founded in 1970 under the name KHS in Bergkamen, where it is still based and produces today. The company specializes in the manufacture of fasteners, which are mainly used in the automotive market. Dörken MKS, the European market leader for effective corrosion protection, supplies the appropriate corrosion coating.