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In dialogue with Dörken MKS




Munich, Germany


In dialogue with Dörken MKS


At the end of November, approximately 150 visitors accepted the invitation of Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG to attend the Dörken Days in Munich.

Corrosion experts from the whole value chain of various industries met at the Dörken Days. Every year they have the opportunity to exchange views and at the same time receive information on new developments and market activities of Dörken MKS. A special guest of honor was Mr. Pezzoli, director of the national association of the Italian fastener manufacturers UPIVEB.

The event focused on presentations on new products and systems, such as the room air-drying zinc flake system DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 170 RT or the zinc flake spray can DELTA-PROTEKT® REPAIR. Both products enable the European market leader for micro-layer corrosion protection to open up new fields of application and opportunities in a wide range of industries. In addition, the new product DELTA-LUBE® 50 for thread-forming screws was presented. Last but not least, the agenda offered not least an interesting guest lecture, with Mr. Acri of Brugola Industriale S.p.A. reporting on a new development project in which the oil substitute of phosphate screws is tested and proved.

The symposium participants spoke in high terms of the depth of the information and the variety of presentations, but also enjoyed the numerous opportunities for discussion and networking. “The Dörken Days are not only a great tradition to keep you up to date on news and technical issues, but also to exchange views with representatives and experts from the entire value chain,” summarizes Managing Director Dr. Martin Welp.