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Innovation prize for Dörken MKS partner!




Herdecke, Germany


Innovation prize for Dörken MKS partner!


One recipient of the Innovation Prize of the State of Baden-Württemberg, awarded in Stuttgart on 28 November 2017, was Dörken MKS coating partner Metallveredelungswerk Sulz GmbH.

Pioneering innovations from the region

The innovation prize, also known as the Dr. Rudolf Eberle Prize, has been awarded annually since 1985 in recognition of especially noteworthy innovations and developments of regional companies in Baden-Württemberg. In 2017 Metallveredelungswerk Sulz GmbH of Sulz am Neckar decided to participate in the venerable competition – and was successful. The new coating facility, respectively the KTL application process for the new Delta-eLack, developed in collaboration with Dörken MKS, made it into the top 5.

Standard coating with coating racks expensive and time consuming

Background: previously, the coating process at the Sulz plant required each individual component to be hung or fastened to a coating rack. This is very costly and time consuming – depending on component geometry, in Germany 3 to 10 cents are typically calculated for each manually-hung piece. The subsequent high costs of racking meant that the otherwise ideally suited KTL technology – applied as top coat to cathodic corrosion protection – was no longer viable at Sulz. As a result, new component coating solutions were called for.

Reliable application as bulk parts in the drum

Working in co-operation with Dörken MKS, the technicians at Sulz developed the so-called KTL technology Delta-eLack. The completely new form of plant engineering enabled bent and pressed parts to be coated in a coating drum for the first time, achieving a quality of appearance and corrosion performance as high as that obtained with a coating rack. The process utilises the innovative Delta-eLack. The KTL coating delivers an aesthetically-pleasing, deep black appearance and a set coefficient of friction – including for the VDA window (0.09–0.14μges). In combination with a zinc or zinc flake base coat Delta-eLack provides high-performance cathodic corrosion protection. Emre Kocak of Dörken MKS explains: “The new process enables components to be coated as bulk parts, without them sticking together or uneven coat thicknesses arising. Optical defects caused by imperfections or accumulations of paint are also not an issue – the surfaces are smooth, even and offer optimal protection in over 1000h of salt spray testing.”

Conclusion: The specially developed KTL technology 2.0 enables the entire coating process at Metallveredelungswerk Sulz to become significantly more efficient with regard to time and cost – with uniform coat thickness and consistently high quality. A pioneering development worthy of distinction!