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Learning by doing




Herdecke, Germany


Learning by doing


This is already the sixth time that Dörken has organized a technical holiday course for pupils aged between 14 and 16. For four days of their easter holidays the teenagers had the opportunity to gain an insight on the everyday work and processes at the plant of Herdecke and the electroplating production in Schalksmühle.

Nine teenagers exchanged their free time for theoretical and practical learning and explored the differences between conventional nail varnish and an anti-corrosion coating, about the development of rust, and the production of varnish and much more. Not only the varied program but also the qualified and friendly Dörken employees were well received by the pupils. “We are gaining a lot of insights into the processes and structures of this company and we are collecting helpful experiences for our career entry”, resumed one participant.

The program included an introduction of work safety as well as an exchange with apprentices and Human Resources. The young guests learned about the processes in the labour, production and development of CD-Color.  And even more: they had the chance to produce a nail varnish with their own created color creation. From coatings to electroplating: At the plant in Schalksmühle the interested pupils looked over the surface coaters’ shoulder and found out all about the coating methods of screws and desk accessoires.

And last but not least the Dörken employees imparted knowledge about the pre-treatment of metal parts, testing methods of coated parts or the application by spray gun to the participants.

All in all, the course at Dörken was very helpful and interesting for the pupils. “I enjoyed the practical part more than the theoretical part,” resumed one participant.

The local newspaper Westfälische Rundschau published a detailed article about the visit which can be downloaded here (only available in german).