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Stuttgart, Germany


Learning with experts


Dörken MKS-Systeme presented “THE CORROSION COLLEGE” at the SurfaceTechnology Germany 2018  / The seminar programme offers target group-specific knowledge communication and project-oriented solutions on the subject of corrosion and corrosion protection.

Dörken MKS-Systeme presented “THE CORROSION COLLEGE” at the Surface Technology Germany 2018. Over the course of more than three decades the company has established a network of experts that brings together contract coaters, manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers (Tiers) from various branches, as well as plant engineers and representatives of trade associations and universities. The resultant pool of expertise and experience is intended to be utilised for the existing and potential customers of Dörken MKS-Systeme. Under the motto “Learning with Experts”, in the scope of the college target group-specific knowledge communication and project-oriented solutions on the subject of corrosion and corrosion protection are offered – from basic training to the addressing of specialist issues. For this purpose, information events in compact form and multi-day training sessions and seminars – including with practical content – have been developed.

Subjects range from factors influencing the corrosion of components to different coating procedures and the inspection and testing of coated components and on to detailed coating processes. In this way, there is communication of basic knowledge on the subject of corrosion in general, hydrogen embrittlement and typical procedures of corrosion protection and surface coating. A further element of the seminar programme is zinc flake technology in both theory and application practice, as a core competence of the company. In addition, there are also offers on individual aspects such as coefficients of friction and screwed connections or corrosion testing in artificial atmospheres. These specialist themes are also provided as a basic version for beginners and as expert seminar for experienced laboratory heads and personnel, application engineers and heads of production.

In addition to the standard seminar programme, THE CORROSION COLLEGE also offers special events that are tailored individually to the respective requirements of a potential customer, or that incorporate current problems and developments on the market. For example, one such specialist seminar addresses the subject of product safety officers in the automobile industry – a function that is accepted as necessary worldwide and a prerequisite for appropriate safety management. Held in collaboration with external experts from the German Association for Quality (DGQ), the seminar is a comparable alternative to the safety officer training of institutions such as TÜV and Dekra. Participation is confirmed with a DGQVDA certificate recognised by Volkswagen AG and the BMW Group.

There was avid interest in April for the workshop on the new fastener standard of Daimler (MBN 10544). Representatives of Daimler AG and the Deutscher Schraubenverband fastener association joined with experts from Dörken MKS to address and discuss the background and details of the standard to some 100 participants.

Those interested in the seminar programme can click for further information on under the corresponding category or click to send an enquiry directly to the company.

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