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Trouble-free assembly processes




Hamburg, Germany


Trouble-free assembly processes


At the WindEnergy 2018 Dörken MKS-Systeme presented its high-performance coatings for screwed fasteners in wind energy units. / Also introduced in Hamburg was “THE CORROSION COLLEGE” – a college in which issues regarding corrosion and corrosion protection are addressed in a target group-appropriate and project-oriented manner.

Components in and on wind energy units are exposed to high climatic and dynamic stresses. Rain, salt water, snow, heat, cold and UV radiation present daily challenges. Whether it is the construction of new plant or regular maintenance and repair work: to render the assembly process as efficient as possible, the components of wind energy units should be coated efficiently. Thanks to a high-performance protective coating, service life can be increased and the associated high costs avoided. However, in the case of screwed fasteners in wind energy units the coating not only needs to deliver long-term corrosion protection, it also needs to ensure the fastening properties are provided.

A practical solution
The high-performance zinc flake systems from Dörken MKS are particularly well suited for this. These can be applied in very thin layers – a system comprising a basecoat and a topcoat is just 8–20μm thick – to components such as bolts and screws in wind energy units. Alongside the assembly advantages through a defined torque (without grease) and adjustable coefficients of friction and coat thickness, the systems also offer extremely high corrosion resistance. In addition, no hydrogen is generated in the coating process and there is therefore no risk of hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking. This means the zinc flake coatings are also suitable for high-tensile steel. The low curing temperature also avoids damaging the steel through excessive heat. At the same time, the coats satisfy the high specifications and increasing quality requirements of the wind energy operators and have the approval of numerous leading wind energy unit manufacturers. At the WindEnergy Hamburg 2018 visitors could watch in a hologram box how an anchor bolt is sprayed with a zinc flake system.

Learning with experts
At the WindEnergy Hamburg 2018 Dörken MKS also introduced “THE CORROSION COLLEGE”. Under the motto “Learning with Experts”, in the scope of the college target group-specific knowledge communication and project-oriented solutions on the subjects of corrosion and corrosion protection are offered. Subjects range from factors influencing the progression of corrosion to different application processes and common testing procedures of coated components. In addition to the standard seminar programme, “THE CORROSION COLLEGE” also offers special events that are tailored individually to the respective requirements of a potential customer, or that incorporate current problems and developments on the market. For example, there are seminars specifically for the wind industry on the subjects “Application processes for rotor blade fastenings” or “The phenomenon of hydrogen embrittlement”.

Those interested in “THE CORROSION COLLEGE” seminar programme can click for further information on or click the link to send an enquiry directly to the company.

Also watch the video about “THE CORROSION COLLEGE”:


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