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The lightness of driving - with zinc flake coatings




Herdecke, Germany


The lightness of driving - with zinc flake coatings


Lightweight construction is a major trend in the automobile sector. And with good reason: reducing weight enables a significant reduction in fuel consumption. In a current study commissioned by Dörken MKS and conducted by the Automotive Center Südwestfalen (ACS) investigations have been carried out regarding the extent to which high-quality corrosion protection coatings can help to reduce the overall weight of a vehicle.

Reducing sheet metal thickness for vehicle components - is that possible?

The aim of the study was to assess the potential for reducing sheet metal thickness in car chassis. The underlying assumption here: the thickness of the sheet metal incorporated into the chassis is typically over-dimensioned due to the problems of corrosion and can be reduced with the aid of a corresponding coating system - in keeping with the principle of lightweight construction. Christian Lenzmann (Technology Engineer, Dörken MKS) explains: “We want to find out the extent that the thickness of a vehicle component can be reduced, whilst still meeting the actual tasks of the vehicle and the requirements of the technical specifications. To achieve this, we investigated the simplified model of a steering arm with various material thicknesses in multiple simulations.” In a second test setup the team also examined the potential for reducing metal thickness via the use of a corresponding corrosion coating.

Expert paper at the Stuttgarter Oberflächentagen surface conference.

Dörken MKS expert Christian Lenzmann is to present an expert paper with the detailed findings of the ACS study and possibilities for higher-performance corrosion protection coatings, entitled “Lightweight construction and surface technology”, at the Stuttgarter Oberflächentagen conference of the trade association Zentralverband Oberflächentechnik on 23 and 24 January 2019 as well as in the scope of THE CORROSION COLLEGE on 12 February 2019. Well worth listening to!