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Article number: 08405574

DELTA-LUBE® 10 BLAU is a lubricant for a zinc flake basecoat. With this lubrication you can improve assembly properties or you can achieve a slight colouring.The DELTA-LUBE® 10 BLAU is applied via a non-electrolytic application technique directly onto the substrate (part). The zinc flake technique is described in the standards DIN EN ISO 10683 and DIN EN ISO 13858. The application technology can vary according to the dimension and weight of the part; e.g. small parts are usually coated as dip-spin, bigger parts are usually spray coated.All Dörken MKS products have always been free of harmful heavy metals such as chromium VI. As there is no hydrogen involved during the application process, there is no danger of application-related hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking.


  • Lubrication


Corrosion resistance

  • enhances the corrosion protection of the basecoat

Defined coefficient of friction window

  • µtot = 0,09-0,14 (VDA 235-101 & DBL 9440)
  • hot loosening torque > 0,06 ( (VDA 235/203, VW 01131-2)
  • multiple tightenings against different bearing surfaces acc to VW 01131-1
  • prevents stick-slip effects as according to VDA 235-203

Media resistance

  • fulfils chemical resistance against operating fluids according to DIN EN ISO 2812

Special features

  • inorganic
  • water-based
  • integrated lubricant
  • gaugeability

Surface / Substrate

  • zinc flake basecoat
  • extreme thin layers of 1-3 µm possible
  • Even layer construction possible.
  • The technical feasibility depends on pretreatment and individual characteristics of each material.

Application technology

  • dip-spin
  • spray

Legal conditions

  • meets the EU End-of-Life Vehicle Directive 2000/53/EC
  • meets the RoHS 2 guidelines (also known as EU Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment 2002/95/EC)
  • meets the REACh requirements

Contact Person

  • Thorsten Speck

Selection of suitable parts

Metrical threaded bolts >M16

Metrical threaded bolts M2-M16




Non metrical threaded parts

Stamped parts

Advised parts

Suitable parts


  • Daimler - DBL 9440
  • SAF-HOLLAND - Technical Specification
  • Volkswagen - TL 244