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Material effectiveness

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When a substrate or object is coated, a portion of the coating material applied is lost (i.e. a material loss) depending upon the method of application method used.


This loss may be caused by overspray in the spraying process, for example. With regard to the cost of the coating process, the aim is to minimize material loss while at the same time achieving a high level of coating quality. This is expressed in the level of material effectiveness. This can be calculated after coating using a simple formula:

Material effectiveness of different applications.



 ⃰  The degree of material effectiveness is particularly dependent on the geometry of the component, the configuration of the rack used to mount the component, the relative movement of the spraying tool with respect to the component, and the parameters of the spraying unit (including rotational speed, high voltage, spray current, coating throughput, distance between spraying tool and the component, airflow in the unit, and shaping air in the case of high rotation bells).

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