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Pitting corrosion

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Pitting corrosion

Pitting corrosion describes the form of corrosion that is revealed as punctiform, small holes on a passivated surface. This involves strictly delineated anode areas forming on the surface of the material, whilst the remainder of the surface maintains a cathodic effect. This may occur where a more noble top coat is perforated locally as a result of mechanical damage. The minimal spread across the surface means that this form of corrosion often goes unnoticed.

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Technical terms cannot always be avoided. As corrosion experts, we not only want to give you comprehensive advice, we are also interested in making you a corrosion expert yourself.

The variety around the topic of corrosion and corrosion protection is also in our glossary at home: explanations from A as in Adhesion to T as in Thread tolerance. Have fun clicking through!