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The Corrosion College

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With THE CORROSION COLLEGE, Doerken-MKS offers target group-​oriented knowledge transfer as well as project-​oriented solutions around the topic of corrosion and corrosion protection.

Tutorials, seminars, and workshops can be individually scheduled for several days in a compact and practice-​oriented environment to cover basics of the subject matter as well as address participant’s questions in specific areas of interest. The topics included in the Corrosion College program are as diverse as the requirements for efficient corrosion protection:

  • Factors influencing the corrosion of components
  • Different coating methods
  • Testing of coated components
  • Coating processes in detail

In addition to the above many more topics are also offered. Please let us know if there are topics you would like to see included in our program.  Your questions and feedback are our inspiration.

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Technical terms cannot always be avoided. As corrosion experts, we not only want to give you comprehensive advice, we are also interested in making you a corrosion expert yourself.

The variety around the topic of corrosion and corrosion protection is also in our glossary at home: explanations from A as in Adhesion to T as in Thread tolerance. Have fun clicking through!