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Agricultural equipment

Securing long-term function for the fasteners and construction components in agricultural machinery and equipment is essential. In addition, retaining the fine optical appearance of the expensive capital goods is also important. The components need to be protected from the constant assault of fertilizer, chemicals, pesticides and liquid fertilizer (AHL).

Exemplary components

Fastening elements are used in various sizes and geometries in agricultural machinery and equipment. Not only do they have to be protected against corrosion and chemicals, functional characteristics such as functional thread engagement also need to be retained.

The coatings of springs used in agricultural machinery and equipment need to satisfy high corrosion protection requirements. At the same time, sudden failures due to hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking need to be avoided.


  • Corrosion protection (720 h as per DIN EN ISO 9227/ASTM B117)
  • Coloring (silver or black)
  • Sliding properties
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Coefficients of friction
  • Chemical and fertilizer resistance
  • Stone impact resistance


Thanks to its excellent cathodic corrosion protection, the zinc flake technology from Dörken MKS helps prevent the premature failure of components, extend the lifetime of machinery and retain value. At the same time, the zinc flake coating has a very high level of chemical resistance and can therefore be used to coat components. A further advantage: no hydrogen is generated in the coating process, with the result that no application-related, hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking occurs.