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Cranes contain numerous fastening elements and construction parts, which are subject to constant climatic and therefore highly corrosive influences. Damage due to corrosion as well as sudden material failure of the often high-tensile components need to be prevented.

Exemplary components

The typically high-tensile steel fasteners used in cranes are supplied in a range of different designs and geometries.


  • Corrosion protection (720 h as per DIN EN ISO 9227/ASTM B117)
  • Coloring
  • Defined coefficients of friction


With its zinc flake technology Dörken MKS offers a high-performance, chromium(VI)-free corrosion protection system that extends the lifetime of the steel parts installed in the crane and helps preserve value. With comparatively extremely thin coats comprising base coat and topcoat a long-lasting cathodic corrosion protection can be provided. A further advantage: no hydrogen is involved in the coating process. Particularly with regard to high-tensile steels of up to > 1,000 N/mm² this means that application-related hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking is prevented and the long-term function of the coated components is ensured.