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Environmental management

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Environmental management is the area of management of a company that deals with the operational and official environmental protection concerns of the company.


The management system may be independent or based upon a specification, such as the environmental management standard ISO 14001 or the European EMAS regulation.

It serves to secure the sustainable environmental friendliness of operational products and processes on the one hand and the conduct of employees and stakeholders on the other.

This involves specification of the following:

  • the environmental policy (e.g. determination and specification of the commonalities of ecologically and economically beneficial measures)
  • environmental protection (e.g. technical measures to minimize environmental impact, avoid unjustifiable environmental harm, contributions to prevention, and restoration)
  • environmental performance (e.g. the measurable results regarding environmental impact, such as emissions, waste water, and soil contamination)
  • observance of official regulations regarding statutory threshold values standardization responsibility (e.g. the support of an ecologically-​supportable standard conduct of stakeholders)


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