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Magnetic induction Measurement

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The magnetic induction measurement method according to ISO 2178 is an electro-​magnetic method for measuring the thickness of magnetically-​neutral coatings on magnetic base material.


It enables the non-​destructive testing of coating thickness for plated coating layers of chromium, zinc, copper, or aluminum on steel and iron. In addition, the test method is also used to measure the coating thickness of paint and lacquers applied to steel and iron. How does the magnetic induction method work? The magnetic induction method is a contact measurement method. An exciter current generates a low-​frequency magnetic field, the strength of which is dependent on the distance between the measuring probe and the base material (i.e. the thickness of the non-​magnetic coating layer). The resultant magnetic field is recorded via a measuring coil. The measurement signal received is then transformed into the precise coating thickness value in a special measuring device.


Graphic visualisation of the magnetic inductive measurement method.


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