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Mandrel bend test

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The mandrel bend test enables assessment of the resistance of a coating to cracking and/or flaking from a metallic substrate.


This involves coated and scored sheets of metal being bent over a conical mandrel with the aid of a test device. The coating at the narrow end of the cone is stretched or compressed the most. The size of the bend radius in which no cracks or flaking is observed is an indication of how well a coating adheres to the substrate or a measure of the extent to which it can be stretched or compressed.


The mandrel bend test is not the only important tensile test for coatings applied to panels. Frequently, the Erichsen cupping test is also used. Between the two tests, the primary differences are as follows: test panels are bent rapidly in one dimension in the mandrel bend test and slowly bent in two dimensions in the Erichsen cupping test.



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