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Passive corrosion protection

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Passive corrosion protection

Passive corrosion protection refers to all measures taken to specifically "shield" a metallic component from the influence of corrosive media.


The principle of passive corrosion protection is to prevent a corrosive attack on a metal - for example steel - by physical blocking. In practice, this is achieved by special coatings or the coating of the respective material. The coating of the material depends to a high degree on the purity of the surface and the pre-treatment.


After cleaning, the metal surfaces are chemically clean and extremely reactive. For this reason, the substrate must be converted directly afterwards into an inert material.


There are three possible chemically distinguishable coatings available:

  • Metallic protective coatings
  • Inorganic protective coatings
  • Organic protective coatings

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Technical terms cannot always be avoided. As corrosion experts, we not only want to give you comprehensive advice, we are also interested in making you a corrosion expert yourself.

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